Well, let’s introduce ourselves. We are Remo & Lisa, a Swiss – Belgian couple living together in Antwerp, Belgium.

We first layed eyes on each other in 2010 in Jönköping, Sweden. We were both there for an exchange semester and the university decided to accommodate us in the same student home of Vilhelmsro. After spending 4 months together in Sweden, we both moved back home. To make a long story short, we just couldn’t miss each other. S0, we decided to move in together.

After working and enjoying the city life in Antwerp for 5 years we decided that it’s time for a new adventure. This last year we have saved up and prepared ourselves to leave for a small ‘around-the-world’ trip on the first of August. Our fist stop will be Russia, exploring the country of the Tsars by train. After Russia we will explore Mongolia by bike. We are still deciding what our last stop will be but it’s leaning towards Japan.

Our end goal is Australia. As I have some relatives in the land ‘Down Under’ we will catch up with them before leaving for Tasmania. Tasmania will become our home-base for at least 4 months. Should it be said that we are really excited and looking forward to this?!

To keep everyone in the loop we started this blog and we have to admit the title raises some question marks. So we feel we have some explaining to do…

The Flemish say of themselves: “I ben geboren met een baksteen in de maag”, which literally translates to “I was born with a brick in my stomach”.
This does not relate to quaint, cultural quirks in cuisine and appetite, but refers to the dream most Flemings have of building their own house.
From a very early age, many Flemish couples will start saving to buy a block of land and start the process of building their nest, which is often a remarkably complete project, excavation, laying foundations, brickwork, roofing, electrical installation and plumbing.
They are very brave.

Remo and I (a mix of Swiss, Belgian & Australian) have proven to be very resilient in battling the brick bug, with this trip as a result.
Hence the title.

xx Remo & Lisa