All craziness on a stick*

Some news, fresh from the press**!

The Oscar for the most beautiful, Tasmanian national park in the category No Brick In The Belly goes to… The Southwest National Park. The last weekend of May was just around the corner and so we decided to leave our flooded Airbnb, to go on yet another adventure. With views over the ranges of the Mount Field National Park, while driving through villages like Tyenna and Maydena, our excitement grew. Soon houses made way for rain forest, mountain ranges, rocks, rivers & wildlife. Squeals and shrieks of joy were heard out of the Flying Ford Falcon as it made its way along world heritage listed nature, towards the end of the road in Strathgordon. There, the Gordon Dam announced itself. With a height of 140 metres the dam makes you dizzy when looking down. Now, all craziness on a stick*, for everyone planning a trip to Tasmania now or in the future, put the Southwest National Park at the very top of your list!

After a thorough exploration of the dam – you can walk on top of it! – we decided to organize a little apéro in the car. Awaiting the night to fall, we were drinking red wine out of our coffee mugs and devouring crisps. Every half hour we needed to add a layer of clothing as temperatures were dropping to a low point of three degrees. We wanted to take some night shots of the dam but that didn’t turn out to be as artistic as hoped. Anyway, we were going to spend the night at Teds Beach camping ground. It’s fitted with a boat ramp, clean toilets, a shelter, electric BBQs and the perfect nature scenery to wake up to.

With the sun slowly creeping up behind the mountain ranges the next day it proved to be a perfect day to hike towards Mt. Eliza. With around 900 height metres and 14 kilometres to be covered, it’s no hike for cry baby’s. To be honest, only happy tears are in place once you start ascending towards Mt. Eliza. There are endless views of lakes, bush land and mountains to be taken in and Mt. Eliza and Mt. Anne are proudly waiting for you to make your way to the top. There was no wind, some clouds and a lot of sun. Once you think you’ve seen it all in Tasmania, the island sure has an extra surprise up its sleeve. Feeling satisfied and content we made our way back towards the car. Somewhere half along the way we were joined by a paraglider.

Once we arrived back in Hobart another little story rolled fresh from the press** for us. Two weeks earlier our little cottage was badly damaged in the floods of the 10th of May. Because of this, and a little disagreement with our landlady, our rental agreement came to an end a little earlier than expected. It basically meant that we would be homeless within a week. I felt a lot of emotions rushing through my veins at once and I couldn’t finish the sandwich I was eating, but the only solution was to stay calm and start looking for something new. We didn’t want something like this to leave a permanent, negative impact on our year-long adventure and it didn’t. We found a new homebase in Newtown. Upon arrival, we immediately loved this suburb of Hobart. One big plus for us is that the Intercity Cycleway from here to Hobart’s CBD is basically flat, along the water, and gives you amazing views of the Tasman Bridge and Mt. Wellington/kunyani. There’s a French patisserie in town and they have a Baker’s delight (no more spongy bread for us!). Hurrah for discovering Newtown and enjoying our last three weeks in Hobart.

Other Hurrays are in order as I, Lisa, found a job! The next three weeks I will be working as part of the Front of House team for the Dark MOFO festival. It’s Mona’s annual winter festival that is taking part in various parts of Hobart. Over the course of three weeks they delve into centuries-old winter solstice rituals. There are concerts, exhibitions and art installations, a Dark Park, a Winter Feast, an Ogoh Ogoh parade and a Night Mass. Not sure what to expect but I am just going to let it happen.

A couple of days ago, Remo rolled one of his school projects off the press**. For one of his courses, he had to design, and publish a media project. For over a 100 years now there have been plans to build a cable car towards the top of Mt.Wellington/kunyani. The cable car hasn’t been built yet, and there’s a lot of controversy around the project. Remo decided to interview some key players and to build a website to display his findings. You can all have a look and visit the website on: He has put a lot of effort into this and he’s getting a lot of reactions, but I just want to say that Cable Car Cliffhanger was my input (a make or break addition to the project if you ask me )

Meanwhile we are enjoying our last days and weeks in Hobart and surroundings. We are slowly coming to the realization that it has been a unique experience to live in this part of the world for 5 months. A lot has happened but all craziness on a stick* we have loved and savoured every single moment.


* All craziness on a stick, literal translation of the flemish: Alle gekheid op een stokje.

English equivalent: All joking apart.

** Fresh from the press, literal translation of the flemish: Vers van de pers

English equivalent: Hot off the press

4 thoughts on “All craziness on a stick*

  1. Did you guys make it up to the Mt Eliza Hut? It’s been 20 years since I’ve been there, but my memory is that the toilet by the hut has one of the best views of any toilet in the world, letting you sit and take in the amazing view over the lake while you are occupied 🙂

    Another great blog entry! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Murray!

      Yes, we did :). The toilet is still there but you cannot see the lake anymore while you are occupied :).

      Thanks for reading,

  2. Lisa and Remo

    First of all, hurrays indeed for the 2 of you, congratz with the jobb and the degree!

    The national looks stunning, wanne go now!!

    Good that you found a new place to stay, there is a solution for everything right ;).

    You are almost coming back, I have to be honest : I am so happy, it is going to be nice to see you guys after 1 year. Enjoy your last weeks! Xx

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