That’s cool on the fish*

Once our Tassie bucket list was born we just needed to do the easy part; figuring out where and when we wanted to go. Over Easter, Remo had a couple of days off school and our weather app was showing a sufficient number of sunny symbols. Time to pack our bags and leave!

Since it was Easter we decided to go to the Walls of Jerusalem National Park (badum tsss). Funny side note, this wasn’t even on our bucket list. So, we’re just randomly adding places to the list as we’re leaving. Although we felt like going, our actions proved otherwise. We felt overconfident and it meant that we were procrastinating the planning of the trip until the very last possible moment. At a certain point we realized that we had to leave immediately, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense anymore to go on this trip. We got into the car as a chaotic, stressed out couple doubting if we had packed everything we needed.

The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is a five-hour drive from Hobart, and since we left a little too late, we needed to make a pitstop and set up camp for the night. We chose Ross. We visited that pretty little town earlier this year and we absolutely enjoyed the town’s surroundings and bakery . We feasted on a breakfast croissant (Lisa) and a loaf of bread (not joking) with jam and honey (Remo) before embarking on the second leg of our journey.

With our knapsacks on our backs, valderi, valdera, we began the ascent from Herods Gate towards the Wild Dog Creek camping ground around 2 pm. I, Lisa, realized that there were going to be some height meters involved in reaching our sleeping venue for the coming nights. I needed to be strong and confident because I do have a habit of complaining when I keep walking up a mountain without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You probably feel where I am going with this story, in spite of good intentions I caved halfway up. My legs were burning, I was sweating profusely (again) and the question of why, in heavens name, I was doing this arose. It all resulted in Remo taking over part of my pack. Didn’t feel guilty at all as he needed the training. Remo was going to compete in the Australian Mountain Running Championships the next week. It was a win-win situation all the way or, so I keep telling myself.

After 3 hours of walking/climbing we arrived at our campsite. Through the rain and the mist, it was a bit hard to see how heavenly beautiful our surroundings were, so we used our imagination instead. As it got dark it also got a bit cool on the fish*. For the very first time since we left Belgium we resorted to cooking, eating and doing the dishes whilst staying in the tent. Sorry to break that bubble for you but it’s not always that warm in Australia!

The next morning announced itself with raindrops on our tent, and a lot of them. We only got out and about around midday. We spent Easter walking around the West Wall towards Damascus Gate. We climbed up Solomons throne but we decided to skip the ascent of the Temple to go to Dixons Kingdom. Note: I am not making this up, these places exist, it’s worth a visit and we should get extra points for doing this over Easter. Couldn’t have been more fitting.

Before we went back down on day 3 of this trip, Remo got up before sunrise to run towards Mt. Jerusalem. It’s his new thing. Two hours later, I struggled to get out of the tent as the door and the zipper were frozen over. Again, it can be cool on the fish* in Tasmania.

Since we had made the effort of driving all the way to central Tasmania we extended our trip and went to Cradle Mountain. There’s always another beautiful hike you can do up there. We high fived and said damn, that’s a tight plan**, before realizing that it was Easter Monday and we were out of food. Challenge accepted. We needed to find a shop somewhere in the little towns around Cradle Mountain and preferably before 4 pm as they tend to close around that time. Google told us that food heaven was awaiting us in a little place called Moina. Food heaven closed ten minutes before we arrived. Still coping with our disappointment and defeat we got something we didn’t wish for. We were driving out of Moina when a farmer and his son started running down their driveway towards us, shovels in hands, bewildered looks on their faces. Remo slowed down because he thought they were after us (his survival skills are on point!). In that moment, I saw a two-metre-long tiger snake crawling up their driveway (I’m exaggerating for the sake of the story, the snake was 1m90). We parked the car to witness the farmer beheading the snake in cold blood. Goodbye snake, hello Tasmania!

One of the camping/life hacks we learned whilst travelling is that free camping doesn’t mean you have to go without a toilet or a shower for days on end. The Discovery Park Camping at Cradle Mountain lets you use their shower facilities for $5 per person. What a deal! They also happened to have a little shop on the premises. So, crisis averted. We were freshly showered and were wolfing down rice with vegetables cooked in the back of the ford falcon. Little did I realize that there were four leeches crawling into my shoes and sucking my blood at the same time! Hysterical screaming ensued.

So, as you can see our trip over Easter was exciting, diverse and anything but boring. We did cut our trip short as we couldn’t be bothered with camping in the rain and the cold. When you have a home that has heating why bother sleeping outside where it’s cool on your fish?

Ah and Remo did compete in the Australian Mountain Running Championships. His prize was a Toblerone.


*literal translation of the flemish: “fris aan de vis”, rhyming dialect for “frikkin’ cold”

**literal translation of the flemish: “strak plan”, meaning: “frikkin’ good idea”

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