It’s not always the smell of roses and moonshine* you know!

Do you remember the last sentences of the previous blog post? Well, I will give you a quick recap. I (Lisa) was looking forward to an extra set of brains and parental guidance. When I look back, I’m not too sure that I got what we wished for .

On the 10th of February my mom and dad, Yasmine & Pieter, landed in Hobart. Luckily my mom texted me before she left that they were arriving in terminal 4. Not sure where she picked that up because Hobart International Airport is just one building. Arrivals and Departures are all through the same door…Lisa's parents

It was a bit weird seeing them again after 6 months at the other side of the world. But after some tears (yes, I am a very emotional girl) and hugs, everything felt like normal again. The first thing we had to do was pick up their campervan. At the rental company, Apollo, we were greeted by Sylvia, a very friendly blond girl with an accent**. She explained everything, and told us that the most accidents with a campervan happen in the first two & the last two hours of the rental period. We laughed and told her that would never happen to us. Haha, think again!

So, we load up the campervan.

Remo and I are in the Falcon waiting to guide our guests to the camping grounds we’ve booked.

My mom gets in the car as a surprise gust of wind rips the door from her hands and  slams it into the pole right in front of the big glass windows, behind which Sylvia is patiently working . What a start of the road trip!

**(My dad thought Sylvia’s accent was from Denmark, Remo was certain she was swiss. There was a bet and Sylvia told us that Remo won…)

Ross' church and sign to the bridgeThis awesome foursome would enjoy one more evening in Hobart before exploring Tassie’s East Coast. The first leg of the trip would bring us from Hobart to St. Helens via Ross. I (Lisa) really wanted to stop in Ross. It’s a very small town on Tasmania’s heritage highway that breathes history. There is an old bridge that was hand built by convicts in the early days (to be honest you can find a lot of them in Tasmania). But more importantly, and the main reason for my enthusiasm, was not the rich history but the vanilla slice. In Ross there’s a bakery that sells the best vanilla slice in the world. They also have scallops pie, another Tassie delicacy, that are just divine. Do you really need more reasons to stop somewhere?

St. Helens & Bay of Fires were next on the agenda. On our way there, we did some off-roading to get to a waterfall that I hadLooking for seashells at the bay of fires read about. Was a lot of fun, not too sure if Sylvia would approve though! Bay of Fires is just magical. Pristine blue water, white sand and rocks that turn orange. As we cannot get enough of nature we went from Bay of Fires to Coles Bay & the Freycinet National Park via Bicheno. In Bicheno, there’s a blowhole. It will not blow every day, but we were lucky. We were there on a very rainy day and the sea was rough. Enough blowing for Lisa & Pieter to do a little contest named ‘who can get the best picture of this blowhole’. It’s still under consideration who won this contest. The Freycinet National Park gave us views over Honeymoon & Wineglass Bay. Another spot in the world where we could walk through I-have-never-seen-anything-so-beautiful scenery.

Before we knew it, it was the end of our trip as the awesome foursome. We laughed a lot, saw beautiful things, were teasing each other and had minor discussions over small things in a heartbeat. One thing we did miss was the abundance of wildlife; we realized that there are no koala’s in Tasmania and didn’t see many kangaroos. We also kind off missed sunny weather. It was warm enough, but it would cool down a lot towards the evening & we also had a couple of 4-seasons in one day situations. What’s up with that, Tasmania?

It was time to go back to Hobart & say goodbye to Remo. He wasn’t joining the van der Zweeps on the next leg of their trip as he is a serious student and his lessons were about to start. Although it felt very weird to say goodbye to each other, we were also kind of happy. Because really, who wouldn’t be happy after 6 months of spending each day together? It’s not always the smell of roses and moonshine you know!*

*Literal translation of “het is niet allemaal rozengeur en maneschijn”

English equivalents:

  • it’s not all puppies and sunshine
  • it’s not all fun and games
  • it’s not all champagne and caviar

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  1. Hello guys!

    Again another great title, congratz with that by the way. I am happy for you Lisa that you saw your family! Can imagine that it was emotional, cute.

    Enjoy Tasmania guys!

    P:S Remo good luck with your studies

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