What a saw!*

We sure did start 2018 with a bunch of new adventures, maybe a bit too many? For some kind of reason, we started enjoying the planning of our Victoria adventures a bit too much. Result; having the feeling that you are on a pre-booked, well-planned & structured tour. At a certain point we both didn’t get why our schedules were so busy!

So here’s a small snippet of what we did on this five star tourist tour around Victoria; we surfed in Warrnambool, drove along the Great Ocean Road together with everyone else, got a heatstroke in Rye, were hanging out with the hipsters in Fitzroy, cried because Roger won the AUSOpen, did some walking in Wilsons Prom, ate the best Fish & Chips we’ve had in Port Albert, tried to fish in Lakes Entrance, saw a woodchopping event Marlo, were swimming in the Snowy River & got hail 5 minutes after that, ended the tour with a stroll around Walhalla, a town where time stood still. So, if you have a lot of energy, motivation and you don’t want any time for yourself contact us and we will organize a tour for you!

If you had to take a couple of breathers when you were just reading the previous ‘sentence’ you can imagine how we sometimes felt. And don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed it! But there were times when I thought well am I really carrying a heavy backpack AGAIN, am I really walking in a rain forest AGAIN, am I really looking for a private place to go to the toilet in the bushes AGAIN. Where is my couch, my television & my bag of crisps? (At this point Remo looked at me and said; you are such a saw!*)

So, before we left for Tasmania, our end station of our trip, we spent some time with family and took a breather. Much needed. The result was that we drove onto the Spirit of Tasmania on the 2nd of Feb with new energy and motivation. We were on our way to Devonport! 8 hours of chilling on a boat. Sounds relaxing but 8 hours is long. Especially when you get to the open sea and the boat won’t stop rocking (again, being a saw!).

We have been roaming the west coast of this Island that we will be calling home for 5 months for the a week now. It’s hard to describe how beautiful it is. There are so many kinds of landscapes. You easily get goose bumps everyday about something new that you have just seen. We’ve also discovered the app WikiCamps, allowing us to do some free camping along the way and save on some much-needed dollars. Remo also found another app, Petrol Spy’s. Sounds fancy huh? It’s an app where you can check how cheap/expensive it is to get petrol somewhere. Fabulous, we are so good in saving money! Especially when you end up doing extra miles just to get to that one petrol station. Oh and the joy of discovering that, that one petrol station you have been looking for was closed 2 years ago! Exactly what happened to us when we really needed that petrol because the car was making noises to let us know he could only go for an extra 30 kms. Well let me tell you this, a ford falcon that is built in 2004 is lying at that point! We were slowing down and coming to a halt on the freeway because yes, we passed a couple of petrol stations because we were looking for that one cheap one. What to do now? Stay calm and put the petrol that you use for your gas stove in the car (take a gas stove with you on your next trip). It will give you that little bit of extra time, so you can go to that one petrol station in the middle of the night where you can hopefully pay with a card. This is us arriving in Hobart.

Very curious to see what the next weeks will bring. But we will be under parental guidance (Lisa’s parents). Extra set of brains to think logically, Hurray!


*literal translation of the Dutch: “wat een zaag!”
English equivalent: you are such a whiner!


4 thoughts on “What a saw!*

  1. I missed you guys!
    Really funny this title, and I get exhausted just by reading your post.
    Man alive you did a lot of things, good for you!
    Exciting which adventure is still a head of you, enjoy the time with the parents.


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