I shall let them smell a poopy!*

5 thoughts on “I shall let them smell a poopy!*

  1. Ik heb het gevoel mee te reizen met jullie,en dat op mijn ouderdom een WERELDREIS !!!
    bedankt om ons te laten meegenieten,kleine meisjes worden groot hé ,geniet ervan
    Roger,dikke knuffel

  2. Lisa & Remo,

    I can imagine Lisa’s face and reaction when she had to go in the local bathhouse. I am so proud of you that you did that, well job! The same with Lisa’s mood at the fish market. Good that you have each other 😉 Again beautiful pictures, I am so jealous!! I still need to read you other posts, I’m gonna do an inhaalbeweging!

    Enjoy Australia and say hello to the kangaroos from me ! xxxx

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