It was as if an angel was peeing on our tongue*

After taking the plane at the Genghis Khan international airport we landed in the future! Busan, South Korea would be our home for 5 days. It would be part city trip, part resting, leaving Mongolia behind us and getting ready for Japan. 

We had spent the last two months in a country that didn’t really have a public transport system, where people’s knowledge of English was non-existent & where the main food groups were meat & milk. Well, hello Busan. Once we walked through immigration it became apparent that this country was smooth sailing, well organized, fluent in English & access to the best food – heaven. 

With the limousine bus we made our way to the city centre and our Air bnb. It was busy, lots of people, traffic & neon lights. We needed a moment to take it all in. Just standing on the street with our mouths open in astonishment. Busan has 3 million citizens that’s the same amount of people living in the whole of Mongolia. Safe to say that Remo and I were left speechless, gobsmacked and flabbergasted.

Our air bnb host, who made a nervous impression, tried to show us in as less time as possible everything we needed to know about the apartment (everything is an understatement as he showed us twice how to turn the light on and off). Bit too much for us. But we went out for dinner afterwards & had fish for the first time in two months. Aaah, yes! 

We were located right next to Gwangali beach. There was a famous bridge with a light show every night. There were coffee shops & Italian ice cream bars. We went for a run (much needed after one month of zero sports & lots of meat and milk). They had sushi in the supermarkets & Korean BBQ right around the corner. Every time we ate something in Busan it felt like an angel was peeing on our tongue! Such a delight after spending all this time in Mongolia. 

It wasn’t really our goal to be an active tourist in Busan, but we decided to visit Jagalchi Fish Market & Gwancheon cultural village. Well, we can classify that as one of the better life decisions we made. What an experience to walk around the Jagalchi fish market. I saw fish that I didn’t know existed, I also saw some questionable species that cannot (according to my opinion) be a fish & I saw some fish moving while being cut up and cooked. Jammie, even after all this we were hungry and decided to go for grilled fish. For reasons we still don’t know Remo ate a fish eyeball, thinking it was the best part of the animal (SO not true).

Gwancheon Cultural Village was a truly wonderful sight. If you had taken me there blindfolded, I would have guessed I was somewhere in Latin America. It was so much fun to just walk around                            and look at all the colourful houses and art surrounding us. I felt like an inspired artist once I left the village, wanting to start painting myself, but I think it’s better to just leave it at that. 

So, all in all Busan was a nice getaway. We were surprised, enjoyed the beach, the good coffee & food. 

*literal translation of “Het is alsof er een engeltje over je tong piest.” said in Belgium if something is particularly delicious.
English equivalents: “biting into a piece of heaven”, “It’s like an angel crying on your tongue.”

One thought on “It was as if an angel was peeing on our tongue*

  1. LiMo,
    Great that you enjoyed the more normal food, can imagine you were tired of all the meat and milk (although I think I would be a big fan!). Why the fuck did Remo ate and eyeball? Weird little man 😉

    PS Lisa your blogs are really good for my English, it’s improving with all the new vocabulary that I’m reading, thanks!! (or I think it is…)

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