This will frog us up*

Despite all the setbacks on our first bike trip to the Tsenkher hotsprings, we acquired such a taste for it, that we immediately planned another trip! Our second biking adventure started with us taking a private bus to Tariat. 
We stayed at the White Lake for one day, just to rest, chill, and to make sure we had all the energy we needed for our trip. And you can bet we needed it! 
We biked from Tariat via Chuluut to Tsetserleg & our beloved home base Fairfield Guesthouse. 
After 260 kms, 2200 heightmeters, a few more mental breakdowns, one night in a dodgy motel (?), we arrived at the hostel which serves the best cappuccino’s in Mongolia. Perhaps It doesn’t sound like it, but we are totally won over for the idea of travelling by bike. It gives you a lot of freedom and especially in Mongolia you get to places without spending too much money. 
As we enjoyed the sun & wind on our faces so much it was tough saying goodbye to our bikes, but we had to get ready for Mongolia’s Wild, Wild West. Our flight to Ölgii left at 5 in the morning. Needless to say that we arrived rather exhausted, and lacking the energy to conquer the cold outside and enjoying Ölgii’s assets. Result: NOT love at first sight between LiMo and Ölgii. 
Ölgii is a frontier town in the mountains, when we arrived the temperature was 5 degrees and it sank below zero during the night. As we had just left a sunny 20 something degrees the days before, we both got a cold and got a bit sick. Not our kind of holiday weather. 
Anyway, we took some days off and on the 26t hof September we left the city to go and stay with a Kazakh, nomadic family somewhere in the mountains. Just what we needed (it frogged us right up). 
They were a nice family who showed us both the hard & somewhat idyllic facets of life as a nomad. 

 They had two little children which made it that more pleasant for us. The fact that the neighbour was an eagle hunter, came as a nice surplus. We watched him coming back from a hunt, where he had caught a fox, and he proudly presented us his eagle. He told us he was going to compete in the Golden Eagle Festival which was last weekend. But we will tell you more about that in the next blog post.

The family also lived in a beautiful valley. So, all in all it was a big hit, although the food was a challenge from time to time (was a first for me to eat meat right of the bone).

For now, we are in a coffee shop, bingeing on chocolate milk and brownies & preparing our trip in and around Ölgii & to Busan. Remo is laughing his head off because the automatic spelling correction on his cell phone started to correct ‘would love to stay at your apartment’ into ‘would love to stay at your ger’.

*Literal translation of ‘Daar kikker je van op’
English equivalent: This will make you feel better

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  1. Wow, you really fell with your butt in the butter he, there in the little hunters valley! Zo blij dat jullie genieten van het fietsreizen……
    Geniet van elkaar en alles rondom jullie!

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