Well, just pull your plan!*

We can only describe the last week as utterly chaotic. So, here’s a small snippet of what our life looked like these last days:

It all started in Ulan – Ude, our last stop in Russia. We wanted to take the bus to Ulaanbaatar as it’s much faster than the train. But the nice lady at the bus station told us: “Oh my dear friends there are no more bus tickets for this week!” I (Lisa) was still laughing at that point until I realized that we needed to get out of the country within two days as our visa would end by then. 
So, we started fast walking towards the train station. Jackpot, we could still buy train tickets to get out of the country. Second class, expensive and, oh we would need a lot of patience. The journey lasted 24 hours, 8 of which were spent passing the border. First you wait 4 hours on the Russian side, where they check your passport, luggage and do an extra random check. After changing the Russian locomotive for a Mongolian version, you get a special treat: You can wait another 4 hours to do exactly the same security checks on the Mongolian side of the border. 


Well, in the end, we arrived in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on Wednesday the 30th of August. Just in time to get the second part of our chaotic week started. First things first, let’s get our visa registered and extended. A must if you want to stay in Mongolia for more than 30 days. According to the Lonely Planet, busses 11 or 22 will take you to the immigration office.
Not true.
It’s bus number 7 said a helpful salesman in the local shop.
Not true.
After 4 number 7 busses that all took turns in wrong directions, we almost gave up. Until a friendly bus driver told us that it was bus number 4. Hooray! Learning how to pull your plan Mongolian style. But yes, we got the paperwork done. 

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