Forward with the goat!

The last couple of weeks were, to say the least, an absolute rollercoaster. We both stopped working, went to Switzerland, packed up and moved from Antwerp to the pearl of the Kempen = Westerlo and said goodbye to everyone.  At the moment we are still gobsmacked with all the kind words, photos, movies and presents we received!

So for us, the first of August came sooner than expected, and although we have worked for this day for the last year, we did not get on the plane with the biggest smile. Saying goodbye is tough. But we will survive, I guess.

The first step to surviving this trip was to get the right gear. Remo invested a lot of time online for this and read up/met up with others who had already undertaken such a trip. Afterwards he bought and tested our equipment and made some decisions. But more on this later.

In the end, we needed to fit a large array of gear into our bags. Which means I had the first struggle of the trip before we even started as my choice of clothes etcetera was too big for my bag…
I tried to ignore this fact for at least half an hour but in the end I had to give in and leave some clothes at home.

After a full-on travelling day we made it to Hostel Bolshoi in Moscow, went out for a vegetarian meal and beetroot juice (blending in already), and paid a visit to the red square by night. Pictures will follow soon!

xx Lisa & Remo

8 thoughts on “Forward with the goat!

  1. Exciting !! Looking forward to see some pictures of you guys and from the cities you went to ofc. Enjoy your great adventure! Xx

  2. Dear Lisa
    This is Christoph: we are on tour as you know and Johanna has exactly the same “problem” you had : she places all her nice clothes and shoes and jewellery in the sofa in the office…. and the rucksack is limiting the volume or quantity.
    Nevertheless, we crossed the border to Portugal today and do not understand a word…
    Stay tuned…… Christoph

    1. Hi Christoph & Johanna!

      Sounds like a women’s problem :-D. Have fun on the trip! By the way, we don’t understand a word either in Russia :). xx Lisa

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